Who We Are

Elevation Diagnostics is a high complexity molecular testing laboratory dedicated to increasing COVID-19 testing capacity. We are a CAP Accredited lab in Colorado that offers self-administered, saliva-based PCR testing. We guarantee 24-hour turnaround time from when the sample arrives at the lab. We offer a seamless process from collection to result that makes the process easy and efficient.

Industry Expertise

Our difference.

We bring industry expertise to every experimental challenge. Made up of a team of experienced scientists who have trained at the NIH, NYU and Bio-design Institute in the areas of infectious disease, molecular genetics and diagnostics, we solve some of the most difficult research problems and work with our customers to gain reproducible results.

We’re committed

Our promise.

We commit to the scientific process and believe that no experiment is too big or too challenging to execute. We harness the power of science through experimentation to produce impactful results.

Our Leaders

Kristen Gracom

Director of Laboratory Compliance and Qualitative Testing
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Kristen joined Elevation Diagnostics and performs as the Company’s Director of Laboratory Compliance and Qualitative Testing. Kristen has extensive experience working within laboratory operations and profound knowledge of diagnostics assays. Kristen worked for National Jewish Health, an international recognized medical institution for over 9 years. At National Jewish, Kristen worked as a clinical laboratory supervisor and clinical scientist lead.

Peter Bryant-Greenwood, MD, MBA, FACHE, FCAP

Peter provides strategic and clinical leadership to our staff and works to identify and advise on best practice use cases in health informatics trends. Additionally, he works with our partner companies, and their affiliates, to create medical program strategy and offer advice on how to address evolving needs specific to virus response, respiratory disease, immunology, and environmental health. He holds multiple board certifications and fellowships, he has decades of clinical and biomedical research and development experience in multiple settings, including academia, biotechnology, startups, and clinical practice. Peter’s experiences in biomarker discovery, clinical genomics, proteomics, and clinical assay development are key factors for growing partnerships with top pharmaceutical companies and other industries to deliver long-term solutions for improving patient health. He most recently served as the Medical Director, Director of Molecular Genomics for the National Jewish Health Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories, as well as the Medical Director of the National Jewish Health Center for Genes, Environment and Health. National Jewish Health Center, located in Denver, CO, has been ranked the number one respiratory hospital in the World.

Our Partners

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